Greystone Community Association - Chesapeake, Virginia

The next Board of Directors meeting will be held Monday, January 25, 2016, 6:00pm at Grace Community Church, 872 Clearfield Avenue. 

Agenda and Board Package can be found here.

All homeowners are encouraged to attend to voice their ideas, concerns, and opinions during homeowner forum. 

Greystone HOA meetings are normally held four to six times a year  (location will be announced prior to each meeting).



All homeowners must seek Architectural Control Committee's approval before initiating changes/improvements to the physical properties of their home and its associated real property.  Please go to the following link to view and print the  Architectural Application:

We love our children, please help us keep them safe by complying with the posted speed limit (25 mph) and being more aware when driving through Greystone.

Please pick up after your pets.  It is not only considerate, but it is also a health issue and the law. 

Posting of Political Signs:  Please use good judgment when posting political signs in your yards. We recommend that signs be no larger than six (6) square feet and be removed within two (2) days of an election. As a reminder, posting of signs, including political signs, is not permitted in common areas.                                                             

Disclosure Package Information: Owners that are planning to sell their homes are reminded that Virginia law requires the seller within a planned community to provide a Resale Certificate and Disclosure Package to the purchaser. The package must be prepared by the Association's Management Company.